English Premier League Transfer Window Modified

England premier league clubs will now be able to sign player till September 1 next year after complains and protests from English clubs.

With the English premier league transfer window closing august 8, a day before the league started, many clubs especially the top six (6) clubs have been complaining because of the short period they had to conduct their transfer business.

With other clubs in various league outside England still conducting transfers until last night 02/09/19, many premier league clubs have been left in confusion regarding the ability to retain their players since they can no longer sign players. An example is Tottenham. Mauricio Pochettino has been seriously distracted by the Christian Eriksen saga at Spurs. Pochettino advised club chairman Daniel levy to push for the modification of the transfer window to enable English clubs participate with their fellow European clubs in the transfer window until the European transfer window closes.

Of the top six clubs, five agreed to the notion of the modification, with exception to Chelsea. The club feels that clubs should insist on not wanting to sale their players when potential buyers comes for them.

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