Cristiano Ronaldo’s new huge deal with Nike leaked

Ronaldo's new huge deal with Nike leaked

Ronaldo’s new huge deal with Nike leaked

Ronaldo’s new huge deal with Nike will earn him a lot of cash.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most famous footballers in the world. And for that reason, the five time world best player is one of the most valued and marketable players in the world.

According to a leaked information, it was revealed that the Juventus forward has signed a new ten (10) year deal with Nike worth one hundred and forty seven (147) million euros.

According to a post published by Der Spiegel’s latest football leaks, the new deal will see the forward earn 14.7 million euros for the next ten years for using and promoting their products and campaigns.

Although the fee looks big to many people, it is just the minimum he can earn. Should the forward receive any individual award such as the Fifa Men’s World Best or any major award, he would receive some additional bonuses that may run into millions of euros.

According to information gathered, it was revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo received around 3.6 million euros in 2016 and 2017 as bonuses from Nike for winning the world best player award.

Ronaldo is one of the richest footballers and athletes in the world. He receives forty-four (44) million euros years as salary in Juventus yearly. That equates to about eight hundred and fifty thousand (850,000) euros weekly.

The father of four is Nike’s highest paid athlete, with other big athletes such as; Neymar, LeBron James, Tiger woods and Rafael Nadal earning less.

As of 2019, Cristiano Ronaldo has a net worth of roughly four hundred and fifty million (450,000,000) dollars.

Ronaldo is the most followed player on social media with a combined followers of nearly four hundred million (400,000,000) followers.

Apart from Ronaldo new huge deal with Nike, Ronaldo has several other endorsement deals with different companies. Some of his most notable endorsement deals includes the ones with; TAG Heuer, Toyota, KFC, Emirates Airline, PokerStars.

Ronaldo makes about 750,000 dollars for every brand sponsored post on his official instagram page.

Asides from football, Cristiano Ronaldo is also a successful businessman. His CR7 brand boast quite a list of luxurious products which includes; underwear, a clothing line, shoes and fragrances.

Ronaldo has various hotels and gyms. In 2019, he ventured into the beauty business opening his first hair transplant clinic in Spain called Insparya.

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