Football or soccer prediction is a very good but a risky method to create money online. With a very good prediction, a person can create a fortune with regards on how large the odds are, plus how much was staked. Football/soccer prediction is predicting/forecasting the outcome of a football match before it is played. In football/soccer prediction, one has to determine what the outcome of the match will be at a particular stage. Some of the options available include; home win, away win, home win or draw, away win or draw, both sides to score, no team to score, home win with clean sheet i.e. away will not score, away win with clean sheet i.e. home will not score, 10 minutes draw, over and under corners, player to score, handicap, team to qualify, red card or no red card, penalty or no penalty, 1st half substitution i.e. if a substitution will be made in the first half or not, etc..

Today at Sportpinnacle, we will be giving tips on how to create you a very good football/soccer predictor and how to create good predictions that will create you a good fortune. Before we start, we will like to remind you to always bet responsibly because, in as much as you can create a lot of money from predicting soccer matches, you can also lose a lot of money if you are not careful because prediction is based on probability and not scepticism. Below are some tips that will help you to create a good prediction;

  1. Try not to be stingy: the major reason why a lot of people lose their bet is due to the fact that they are stingy. A lot of people accumulate plenty huge odds on one bet slip. Remember, the higher the odds, the higher the uncertainty of the outcome. If you feel you are so sure of a huge odd, try look for ways to diversify the odd by going for the “or” combo, for example, if you play a club say Real Madrid to win a match against a free scoring team like Barcelona, try to go for an option like Real Madrid win or both sides to score. By so doing, you have created an avenue where if Real Madrid doesn’t win but both sides score, you still win the bet.
  2. Try not to be biased: when it comes to placing bets, remove sentiments. Do not select a team to win because they are your team or because you like them and another team to lose because they are your opponents or because you do not like them. Selecting a team should be based on performance.
  3. Create sure you get information about the match before betting on it: before betting on a match, create sure you get good information about that match. For example, a team like Juventus where Cristiano Ronaldo is their main scorer, in a match where he will not play, one should really consider before playing it because there is a tendency that there will be a lower amount of goals because he is absent. Also, some teams perform badly at some particular months and one should really consider before placing bets on them during that period. Another reason why getting information about the match is to known the form of keys players in both sides. This will help in predicting the outcome of the match.
  4. Try not to study only one team but rather study both sides properly: before betting on a match, create sure you study both sides properly. Sometimes, studying only one team may be disastrous if the opponent is in a better form. Studying both sides is better because it helps in predicting a better outcome for the match.
  5. Try to reduce the amount of games played on an accumulated bet: if you are placing an accumulated bet, try to reduce the amount matches on the bet. The higher the number of stakes on a bet, the higher the unlikeliness for it to enter. Try to remove odds that you are not too sure of.
  6. Remember to always check the head-to-head of the two teams before playing: Some teams do not perform well against some certain teams no matter the current form they are in. that is why you are advised to check the head-to- head of their previous encounters.
  7. Do not be fooled by odds: Sometimes, odds might be misleading. Bookies sometimes place enticing odds in order to attract you into choosing them. For example, in a game between Chelsea and Manchester United, bookies may favour Chelsea to win regardless of the form of both sides. So, don’t place bets based on odds rather place them on their current forms.
  8. Try reviewing bets again before placing it: It is advisable to review bets before placing them. This helps you to rethink your options. It also creates an avenue for you to notice errors. There are some situations usually during preseason when a team plays twice the same day. If you are not careful, you may end up selecting a different game from the one you intended to select. Also, there are some cases where a game might appear twice but on different days. So its advisable that you review your bets before staking it.
  9. Try as much as possible to be with other people who are good at predicting because they may offer you some information and tips that may help you in placing a good and accurate bet.
  10. Visit good websites like this one which offers good tips, information, and statistics about matches. This will help by giving you more options and information about the matches.
  11. Choose a bookie that offers you many options and good odds: choosing a good bookie is also vital if you want to create good money from betting. A bookie that offers you plenty options to bet on increases your chances of winning. Also, a bookie that offers better odds helps to increase the amount of your winnings if your bet is won.
  12. Allows choose a bookie that offers you in-play cashout: this is important because it helps you recover some percentage of your winnings should in case the game starts going against your favour. For example, a case where you placed a bet of 10 games and all but the last game has entered, some bookies will provide you an option of cashout. Now imagine the game has started and you are not too sure of it, some bookies will provide you an option of cashout at some stages in the match.
  13. Always be online to monitor you bets.


With these few tips listed above, if applied correctly and with some pinch of luck, one could create quite a fortune form football predictions/forecasting.